Are you searching for some guidance? Maybe a place to process? Is it time to work on a relationship? Whatever your reason for seeking a therapist, welcome.

We know it can be a difficult, and even a confusing decision to pick someone to share your personal story with, so we applaud your courage and efforts. As licensed counselors, you can feel confident we have the knowledge and experience to help you through your life events.

One thing we have realized is the importance of feeling the right “fit” within the therapist/client relationship and we will always work to honor that. And although we cannot promise a perfect “fit” with everyone, we can assure that you will have our undivided attention and consideration of your unique perspective. We will respect your views and work within your time frame and will be an active participant in your journey. Contact us today and allow our relationship to encourage your personal growth!

Cory Montfort, Founder and Licensed Professional Counselor, The Montfort Group

Cory Montfort, The Montfort Group Counseling, Plano, Tx

The Montfort Group proudly introduces Laurie Poole to our practice. Laurie is a struggling couple’s life line. She has a natural ability to grab your heart and mind simultaneously. She is a brilliant communicator and one of the best empathizers in the field. Her knowledge and life experience are unmatched in this line of work and we are extremely fortunate to have her on our team. To get to know Laurie a bit more, you can read more here.

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Individual Counseling in Plano, TX

Individual Counseling

Most clients come on an individual basis. Although there is significant value in couples and family counseling, in our opinion, a “one-on-one” approach is where much of your personal progress is made.

Plano Marriage Counseling

Couples Counseling

Statistics have shown that couples wait to enter marriage counseling four years too late. This is not that surprising. None of us like to take time out of our schedules to discuss our problems, especially our relationship issues.

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling

Being a teenager is hard! And being the parent of one can be even more difficult! If you are having trouble with your adolescent and would like some help, contact us!
We tend to have a natural rapport with teens and are able to talk them through many of the issues that arise in their world.

Child and Parent Counseling

Child and Parent Counseling

Kids are like anyone else. They like to be in control of their environment. Hard part is, they lack the necessary development to make all their own decisions. And this is where the conflict arises.

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. – Karen Kaiser Clark

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We can schedule an in office therapy appointment or a quick phone consultation.

Marriage Counseling

Our Practice

We have built this private therapy practice to resemble our authentic desire to connect with each client. From the very first time you reach out to our Plano counseling office, we want you to feel one step closer to getting the help you need.

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Common Questions

Many people have all sorts of questions when considering whether or not to see a therapist.

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Common Counseling Questions