Fall in Love with Love

Plano Marriage counseling

My therapist, a 60-something male with solid-white hair, is gentle, kind, and somewhat mischievous. He’s a perfect fit for me. He’s a man who understands empathy and connection, and he sort of assumes a pseudo-father role, something I desperately need. “Do you believe in love?” he asks me. He knows I have adapted the Christian faith of my childhood upbringing into a more humanist value system. I believe in the inherent worth of every individual. The homeless. The hurting. The rich. The poor. The devils and saints. I believe they … Read More

Fearing Loss, Losing Connection

The truth is that loss is a part of life. It is as important as love, as important as security, as important as holding on to the things we value. Accepting loss gives us the power to change. If we accept the inevitability of loss, we free ourselves to feel vulnerable. And if we free ourselves to feel vulnerable, to fear losing, then we empower ourselves to examine what must change. And when we examine what must change, we enable the possibility that we can hang on to those we love. When we change, we heal. And when we heal, we love harder and longer and better.

Love Is Easy

Dr. Kinsey’s new series on relationship health is called the Joy of Being Close. In it he will explore the lessons his clients have taught him about intimacy, love, and romance.