Laurie Poole

Masters of Science in Counseling, Southern Methodist University
Licensed Professional Counselor

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Laurie is an exceptional practitioner. I frequently refer to her as I believe many individuals are best served by her authentic, approachable, honest and humble demeanor. Her non-threatening approach facilitates a safe exploration of vulnerable spaces. I wish we had more like her in the mental health field.

Brandy Schumann, PhD, LPC-S, NCC, RPT-S
Internship Director and Clinical Assistant Professor
Southern Methodist University


Laurie Poole is a friend and colleague that I have had the pleasure of working with for several years. Over the course of our years together, I observed and witnessed Laurie’s thorough clinical skills that encouraged opportunities for clients to find meaning in their lives. What I admire most about Laurie is her ability to truly create a space of safety for clients to process deeper level emotions and experiences. I have been privileged to learn from Laurie and highly respect her as a clinician.

Tara Signs, PhD, MFT
Director, Medical Family Therapy Clinic
Oklahoma Baptist University


There are few counselors like Laurie Poole. She is smart, experienced, funny, and focused as well as kind, caring, and personable. In short, Laurie is both nice and effective. I refer clients to her without hesitation and with the certainty that Laurie will help clients see past the distractions, spotlight core issues, and confront their most intractable problems with the focused compassion each of us deserves.

Lee Kinsey, PhD, LPC


I have known Laurie for the past 6 years on a professional basis. I love the way she works with clients on an individual basis but also encompasses the family system which is extremely effective in helping people heal the past and move forward in a healthy way.

Holly Lockett, LPC-S
Frisco Counseling and Wellness


Megha Pulianda

Masters of Science in Counseling, Southern Methodist University
PhD student in Counseling Psychology, Texas Womens University
Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, supervised under Cory Montfort, MS, LPC-S

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As an attorney and counselor at law, I know what it takes to develop a close relationship with a client and earn their trust, while ethically providing professional services. It takes strong interpersonal skills, empathy, and objectivity. Megha Pulianda possesses these necessary qualities and demonstrates them both in her professional practice and in her personal life. I’ve known Ms. Pulianda personally for several years and trust her judgment, professionalism, and ethics. Her clients would be well-served by her services as a therapist and fortunate to have her in their lives.

-Joseph A. Wyly, Juris Doctorate


I am privileged to speak about Megha, a mentee, colleague, and friend of mine. Not only do her clinical experiences range in terms of treatment settings, but her ability to work with a wide-range of client concerns and levels of severity with ease and calmness is truly admirable. She is a highly skilled therapist, who approaches therapy with creativity and resourcefulness. Her warmth, compassion, and openness are characteristics that are noticeable within moments of meeting her, and because of this, she has a keen ability to make her client’s feel safe in the therapy room. I have been very fortunate to work with Megha, and I highly recommend her as a clinician.

Ally Wade, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Texas Woman’s University


The best counselor allows a client to share their deepest secrets, their worst fears, their hidden feelings, and in doing so, she will allow the client to feel honored, respected, safe, protected, and capable of hope and resiliency. Megha fully embodies these characteristics of a counselor, and her caregiving to her clients in their process of growth is empowering, impactful, and beautiful.

Sarah Feuerbacher, Ph.D., LCSW-S
Clinic Director, SMU Center for Family Counseling


Lee Kinsey

Masters of Science in Counseling, Southern Methodist University
Doctorate in Counseling, University of North Texas
Licensed Professional Counselor

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In addition to Dr. Kinsey’s outstanding preparation to address a wide variety of counseling concerns, he is exceptionally prepared to work with people seeking help with concerns related to sexual identity, sexual decision-making, and sexual dysfunction. He combines up-to-date knowledge with a warm and genuine interest in each client’s wellbeing and growth.

Jan Holden, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT, NCC, Chair of UNT’s Counseling Program


Dr. Kinsey is unique in the therapy community. His knowledge of the research on serving individuals with therapeutic needs is rivaled only by his thoughtfulness and care as a clinician. He is driven by his passion to help his clients know themselves and find resolutions to their life challenges.

David Chard, Ph.D., Dean of SMU Simmons College of Education


Most of us reach a point in our lives where we realize we don’t, as we thought, live on Main Street. It is at this juncture where it is good to have Lee Kinsey in your corner. Lee understands that sexuality and spirituality are intertwined, that depression and exaltation share a room, and that our own personal reality is existentially connected to our life mates, our family, and our vocation. His ability to assist others through introspection, skill building, and confronting change is the hallmark of his work as a therapist. He will help you find your new home.

Hal Barkley, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT, Chair of SMU’s Counseling Program


Lee combines empathy, depth, intelligence and commitment to his clients to provide a compassionate and healing therapeutic environment. His ability to serve a wide range of clients and delve deeply into individual issues will allow Lee to meet you wherever you find yourself and help you take the next steps on your personal journey.

Renae Cobb, MS, LPC


Dr. Lee Kinsey has been a trusted colleague since meeting him in 2011. He has been able to offer insights and assist people in even the most difficult of interpersonal and sexual struggles. Being well read and well studied on different theories and concepts, he readily integrates them into a personalized approach to each patient. The topics of sexuality and personal development have been an interest of his from the beginning and it is of no surprise that he focused his PhD on sex therapy. We rarely know in advance which fork in the road our lives will take. Wherever you are starting from, and wherever you want to go, you can trust that Dr. Lee Kinsey will be there for you as a knowledgeable therapist.

Donald Graneto, MD, Uptown Physicians Group


Cory Montfort

Masters of Science in Counseling, Southern Methodist University
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
Founder of The Montfort Group

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“Life is hard; not all the time, but usually more often than we would like.  Because she understands this, Cory Montfort is quietly becoming one of the preeminent counselors in the North Texas area.  She possesses a rare ability to connect with people when life has become difficult, to sense the origins of their pain, and then to reach out and hold their hand as new beginnings are discovered.”

Hal Barkley, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Dispute Resolution and Counseling, and Faculty Member, SMU


What qualities do you want in a counselor? Most people want someone who is trustworthy, dependable, empathic, and with sound clinical skills. Those traits describe Cory Montfort perfectly. She offers insight, maturity, compassion, and understanding grounded in professionalism and integrity. Cory is a counseling professional with breadth of experience and depth of discernment. As the counselor I would choose for myself, I offer my highest recommendation for Cory Montfort.

Gay McAlister, Ph.D., LPC-S
Director, SMU Program in Counseling


Cory is very approachable as a counselor often making her clients feel comfortable from the first session going forward. Her life skills as well as her professional training and ethical core sets her apart as an outstanding therapist. I recommend Cory to anyone looking for assistance with life issues.

Dr. Jackie Keish
Psychotherapist and owner – Southlake Counseling and Neurofeedback Center


Cory’s professionalism and firm grasp of psychotherapy theory and technique make her an easy choice for client referrals. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking a skilled therapist.

Angela Martilik, M.A., LPC-S
Director of Family Tree Counseling, PLLC


Cory has a clear passion for what she does and demonstrates a genuine care for others. She is dedicated to her clients and to her fellow colleagues. I value her perspective on situations and would not hesitate to turn to her for guidance or reassurance.

Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Private Practice


Cory is a great therapist who understands when a psychiatric referral should be made. Her clients like her a lot and she works well with couples and teens.

Nishendu M. Vasavada, MD, PA
Psychiatrist, Owner at Lakeside Life Center


Cory possesses a unique combination of gifts and skills that allow her to excel as both a professional counselor and an administrator. Her life experience and deep empathy give her the ability to connect with children and adults and relate to them no matter where they are encountering difficulties. Cory also draws on broad experience in the school and professional realm that enables her to utilize her talents in the areas of case management and administration. Knowing and working with Cory has been my privilege.

Renae Cobb MS, LPC
Therapist at CCA North Texas


Cory Montfort is the kind of colleague that anyone would want to have. She is dedicated to her work, exhibits true professionalism, and is enjoyable to work with. Not only is she a great colleague, she is also a wonderful counselor. She is knowledgeable, helpful, caring, and warm. Any client that walks through her door is a lucky person to have found such a gem of a counselor!

Angela E. Henderson, LMFT, LPC
Therapist at Southlake Counseling and Neurofeedback Center


Cory Montfort and The Montfort Group have helped so many clients from my law firm. Divorce and custody disputes are some of the most stressful events a person can experience. For our clients, the difference between just getting through something like this, versus actually making choices for yourself and your children and feeling happy and healthy is often The Montfort Group.

George Shake, MS, JD
Partner at Duffee and Eitzen Family Law