Sex Therapy

Talking about sex with a partner often raises some of our most basic fears and insecurities about ourselves and our partners. Feelings of dissatisfaction, rejection, pressure to perform, body shame, jealousy, and the pain of infidelity, among others, are difficult to discuss, and so we either ignore them until they explode or we become consumed by them. Rather than allowing these feelings to fester or remaining in continual conflict, a sex therapist can help you and your partner overcome these sexual challenges.

Many people do not realize that they could benefit from seeing a sex therapist. Marriage researchers like John and Julie Gotten have suggested that “happy” couples have sex on an average of 2-3 times a week. Regardless of how often they have sex, many couples also report that they do not experience the freedom and joy of sex as much as they’d like. Many women report not having orgasms during sex, and men and women often report feeling anxious and stressed during sex.

The bottom line is that if you and your partner do not experience sex as an oasis of connection and desire that helps you feel closer to each other and further away from life’s problems, you could benefit from sex therapy. Sex should be fun, intimate, and passionate, not burdensome, heavy, or anxious.

In sex therapy, Dr. Kinsey helps couples understand their unique sexual problems. A relationship’s sexual problems stem from the complex interaction of each partner’s sexual self. The sexual self is the sexual template that each partner created as they grew into adults; it includes the feelings and beliefs that everyone has formed from their unique experiences in life and love. Each partner brings their sexual self to the relationship, and, sometimes, the feelings and beliefs of one partner greatly conflict and clash with the feelings and beliefs of the other partner. Dr. Kinsey is distinctively qualified to help clients understand their sexual feelings and beliefs and how they affect their sexual relationships.

Dr. Kinsey offers both weekly sessions and a 10 hour weekend intensive. Often couples have been stuck in a negative sexual pattern for years and need an extra push. Alternatively, many couples are in the midst of a sexual crisis and need extra and immediate attention. The sex therapy intensive offers both of these couples a more focused alternative to weekly sex therapy. In the intensive, Dr. Kinsey quickly helps couples identify their major problems and offers couples specifically designed homework to be completed on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. This focused and intense approach helps couples quickly gain the necessary awareness and skills to overcome previously intractable obstacles.