A Mother’s Story: When Joy and Grief Collide

Individual counseling

A year ago in December, my former husband of 20 years, died at the young age of 63.  Ross was diagnosed 9 months earlier with metastatic melanoma, a silent and deadly disease he had overcome twice before. This time there was no way out.  After months of experimental treatment and tough side effects, he opted for palliative care which provided comfort for six more weeks before he passed away. In the midst of the grief and fear, there was a happy surprise – my daughter’s boyfriend proposed in Ross’ hospital … Read More

We all have Stories – Including Therapists

relationship help

I listen to stories for a living. It’s important work. The stories are important and so are the clients who tell them, which is why we, at the Montfort Group, are dedicating the first part of 2018 to blogging about our own stories, and those that have moved us. We all have stories – including therapists. And today, this therapist’s story is that she can’t stand writing. I’d rather drop to the floor and grunt through 50 push-ups than write. But here I am with a deadline to meet by … Read More


As a doctoral student and therapist, I constantly come across challenging material. I have learned that my coursework is far more than a checklist of assignments, papers, and projects. It enhances my practice by exposing me to new ideas. It keeps me inquisitive, and it fosters a thirst for knowledge that can never quite be satisfied. A professor recently assigned a project that completely changed my perspective on cultural competency and professional responsibility. My cohort was asked to write an in-depth paper about a group we felt resistant toward. For … Read More