Fall in Love with Love

Plano Marriage counseling

My therapist, a 60-something male with solid-white hair, is gentle, kind, and somewhat mischievous. He’s a perfect fit for me. He’s a man who understands empathy and connection, and he sort of assumes a pseudo-father role, something I desperately need. “Do you believe in love?” he asks me. He knows I have adapted the Christian faith of my childhood upbringing into a more humanist value system. I believe in the inherent worth of every individual. The homeless. The hurting. The rich. The poor. The devils and saints. I believe they … Read More

Love and Fear in Parenting

So, I experienced a major parenting fail the other day. A parenting “ef up”, if you will. I wasn’t having the sort of week where I felt on top of academics, summer activities, nutrition, behavior, and temper tantrums. Those are fewer and further between when you’re, well, a human being leading a normal life. I was having the sort of week where everything bled into everything else. I wasn’t sleeping well, which in turn impacted my pace at work, which then made me feel even more tired and frustrated, which then affected my self-esteem, which sort of … Read More


The last few days have been difficult, to say the least. Our world is in pain. On many levels, we are witnessing chaos. It can be hard to process emotionally and even, intellectually, all of the violence here at home and abroad. There are many passionate opinions, devastating details, and suggestions for solutions. But, the problem seems too big to solve in one dogmatic article, one particular president, or even one specific religion. I am a firm believer in the statement, “chaos precedes change.” Historically, there have been countless paradigm … Read More