A Mother’s Story: When Joy and Grief Collide

Individual counseling

A year ago in December, my former husband of 20 years, died at the young age of 63.  Ross was diagnosed 9 months earlier with metastatic melanoma, a silent and deadly disease he had overcome twice before. This time there was no way out.  After months of experimental treatment and tough side effects, he opted for palliative care which provided comfort for six more weeks before he passed away. In the midst of the grief and fear, there was a happy surprise – my daughter’s boyfriend proposed in Ross’ hospital … Read More

Fall in Love with Love

Plano Marriage counseling

My therapist, a 60-something male with solid-white hair, is gentle, kind, and somewhat mischievous. He’s a perfect fit for me. He’s a man who understands empathy and connection, and he sort of assumes a pseudo-father role, something I desperately need. “Do you believe in love?” he asks me. He knows I have adapted the Christian faith of my childhood upbringing into a more humanist value system. I believe in the inherent worth of every individual. The homeless. The hurting. The rich. The poor. The devils and saints. I believe they … Read More

When Family Hurts

gay therapy

As a child, I remember embarking on wonderful adventures, often played out in my head, traveling distant worlds, battling evil sorcerers, and casting out demons. I related to the hero in the timeless comic strip Calvin & Hobbes. Although I wasn’t nearly as mischievous as him, I related to his longing for freedom, his innocent love of adventure, and the promise of a better world. In my family, the casting out of demons wasn’t a setup for make-believe. It was a somewhat normal affair. We believed in miracles and in … Read More

The Montfort Group welcomes Dr. Lee Kinsey

We, at The Montfort Group, feel privileged to announce that Dr. Lee Kinsey, noted relationship counselor and sex therapy expert, will be joining our practice. He has a strong reputation in the Dallas community and will prove to be a much needed and appreciated addition to our group. Dr. Kinsey has extensive training in the art of sex therapy. In addition to his graduate studies where he specifically studied and practiced sex therapy, he actively conducted research on human sexual development, and he regularly speaks, teaches, and writes on the … Read More