Couples Therapy

“It’s a myth that if you solve your problems you’ll automatically be happy. We need to teach couples that they’ll never solve most of their problems.”  – John Gottman

Statistics have shown that couples wait to enter couples counseling four years too late.  This is not that surprising.  None of us like to take time out of our schedules to discuss our problems, especially our relationship issues.  We all would love to believe we can handle things on our own, but unfortunately we wait until there is a “crisis.”  We wait until we have exhausted every other resource available and then, feel exhausted ourselves.

As couples’ therapists, we are keenly aware of these facts when you walk into our office.  We know you are frustrated, somewhat desperate, and perhaps even slightly hopeless.  We also know how complicated the “answers” can be.  None of it is easy. Not only have we been through our share of difficult relationships as professionals, but we are completely fascinated by how they work.  We must read and study on this particular subject more than any other.   We have always felt that having healthy relationships directly correlates with the quality of your life.